Welcome to the Dinosaur and Prehistoric Natural History Art website of Artist Larry Felder. In
the forefront of the newer generation of
paleo-artists, Mr. Felder's work
combines the skill and sensitivity
of an accomplished wildlife
artist with the keen eye and
vivid perspective of a dedicated
wildlife photographer.

Recognized among the most
realistic and scientifically
accurate images of prehistoric
wildlife being produced today,
his paintings are also some of
the most beautiful, with a lifelike
dimension unique in the field.

A broad spectrum of clients and
collections have featured Mr. Felder's
work, including major publications, on-line
services and television, and several notable
private collections. We invite you to browse and enjoy the images shown here, and welcome your queries and comments.

Clathropteris and Hausmania -painting By Larry Felder Tylosaurus -painting By Larry Felder Garjainia -painting By Larry Felder Bellowing Parasaurolophus -painting By Larry Felder Eudimorphodon -painting By Larry Felder Hesperornis with fish Preening Pteranodon -painting By Larry Felder Juvenile Tyrannosaurus -painting By Larry Felder